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For children birth to 36 months, see the Health and Development section for more information.

Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE)

ECSE is a program for young children with disabilities ages 3 to 5. Children who meet eligibility criteria may receive services in a variety of settings such as a prekindergarten classroom, in the home, or in community settings such as Head Start and pre-school.

Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) Eligibility (PDF)

This guide provides an overview of Early Childhood Intervention (ages birth to 36 months) and ECSE (ages 3 to 5). See if your child has a need that qualifies him or her for services.

Children’s Autism Program

The Health and Human Services Children's Autism Program provides focused applied behavioral analysis services for children through local community agencies and organizations.

Children’s Autism Program – Find a Provider

If you are looking for services for a child with autism, find a program provider in your area.

A Parent's Guide to the Admission, Review, and Dismissal (ARD) Process (PDF)

If you suspect your child has a special need, you will go through the ARD process to get him or her services. This guide will help you understand the process and your rights and responsibilities as a parent so you can fully participate in the decision-making process regarding your child’s education.

Child Find Information

Child Find is a continuous process of public awareness activities, screening and evaluation designed to locate, identify, and evaluate children with disabilities who are in need of Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) Programs (Part C) or Special Education and Related Services (Part B).

Early Childhood Technical Assistance (ECTA)

ECTA offers resources for families and child care programs who are seeking support and guidance to ensure the best, most positive incomes possible for children in their lives who have, or are at-risk for, developmental delays or disabilities across a variety of early childhood settings. Spanish guides are available.

Legal Framework

Legal Framework provides federal, state, and parent resources for the child-centered special education process.

Navigate Life Texas

Navigate Life Texas provides resources and support for families raising children with disabilities.

Partners Resource Network

Partners Resource Network is a non-profit agency that operates the Texas statewide network of Parent Training and Information Centers to help parents understand their child’s disability and rights/responsibilities, obtain and evaluate resources and services, and participate as team members with professionals in planning services for their children.

Resources on Special Education in Texas

Texas Education Agency provides documents created as general resources for families on dyslexia, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), multi-tiered systems of support, and Section 504.


SPEDTex provides information and resources that can help you understand your child’s disability, your rights and responsibilities under Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and facilitate collaboration that supports the development and delivery of services to children with disabilities in our state.

SPEDTex Contact

Staff are available by phone at 1-855-SPEDTEX (1-855-773-3839) or by email at

Texas Parent to Parent

Texas Parent to Parent provides support, information, and education for families of children and adults with disabilities, chronic and mental health conditions and other health care needs.


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Do you have concerns about your child’s development? More information can be found for ages birth to 36 months or 3 through 5.

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