Child Safety Page

Child Injury Prevention

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides a variety of child injury prevention topics, including burn prevention, drowning prevention, and playground safety.

Child Passenger Safety

Texas Department of Transportation provides instructions to make sure your child is in a properly installed and correct size car seat.

Disaster & Emergency Preparedness

Natural and man-made disasters can happen anytime and anywhere. Learn more about the steps you can take to be prepared.

Family Violence Program

Are you or is someone you know a victim of family violence? Find help and emergency shelter through the Family Violence Prevention Program.

Gun Safety

Safely storing firearms is the duty of every gun owner. Visit this resource for tips on safe gun storage.

Lead Poison Prevention

Visit this resource for tips on preventing lead exposure. Lead exposure in children primarily comes from inside the home, especially if they live in an older home.

Product Recalls

Consumer Product Safety Commission provides recall information for consumer products, including products for children.

Reporting Child Abuse

If you suspect a child is being abused, don't wait; contact the Texas Abuse Hotline today.

Safe Sleep for Babies

Create a safe sleep area for babies by following the ABCs of Safe Sleep.

Texas Poison Center Network

Texas Poison Center Network provides poison prevention information, FAQs, and a hotline for immediate help.


Mother playing with her infant son offers parenting advice and resources for children of all ages.

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